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When you first start thinking of buying a polytunnel it can be quite daunting.

However, it does not have to be!

If you have an interest in growing your own food, you are already half way there! A polytunnel is a great way to use space in your garden to create your own environment in whatever way you choose

Yes, we are that confident!

You get one year guarantee on frame and plastic with winds up to 100 km per hour when fitted by us and the best part is you do not pay anything extra for that!

One Year Guarantee, NO extra fees
Buying a Polytunnel

You decide what you want to grow in your tunnel. Plan ahead and you will have goodies from your tunnel almost the whole year round, but the biggest benefit of growing your own food is that you control what goes into your food!

Growing your own food

1 year guarantee

on Frame and plastic

with wind up

100 km ph

When fitted by us

Studies have shown that gardening activities can benefit your mental health and reduce stress levels.

A healthy mind in a healthy body.


Besides the polytunnels we have a lot more to offer. Our micro digger and dumper are just some of our tools. We do drainage, fencing, site clearance and more. Check our other services

Other Services

We can fit your polytunnel, assist with the groundwork, a concrete base and path. If needed we can be there from start to finish.

Help and advise

If you have children it is a great way to keep them occupied on wet days whilst also teaching them were their food comes from!